What we offer

Professional Experience
More than 40 years of experience and expertise from our original, family-owned location in Coral Springs, FL.

Appliance Reserve
We offer clients up to 6 months reserve status (hold for completion) on all appliance selections – at no extra charge.

Price Protection
Our clients receive guaranteed price protection for up to 6 months (extended for projects).


Custom Delivery Certified Installation Service
We deliver and install your new appliances with the utmost care and skill (installation optional).

Extended Warranty
Receive an Extended Warranty from participating Manufacturers when you choose our Certified Installation Service through Mainline Services (a proud partner of
Coral Springs Appliance Center, Inc.)

Discount Program
All customers will receive any Manufacturer Rebate Programs in effect at time of purchase.

Model Home Program
Our Model Home Programs helps builders and developers achieve their goals.

Our philosophy
Getting it right the first time